swim fan.

stumbled upon these ultra-adorable photos of zooey deschanel and got all excited about summer and the beach. not so much about bathing suits, which is unfortunate because i’ve got to do some serious looking this year.

what are your favorite shops for swim suits? j.crew was always a fave in my teens, but since my boobs are approaching the size of weather balloons (thanks, weight gain!), my top options there are pretty limited.

i did come across this top though, which is among the d-cup offerings. thought that was nice!

j.crew, $50 ($48 for you ‘normal’ girls with the ‘normal’ racks. a $2 tit tax? kind of unfair)

share your favorite swim wear shops!

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  1. Malia Mills has great options for tops and bottoms of all sizes. Super cute cuts, very flattering but pricey. Also I think Norma Kamali launched a bathing suit line last year with retro suits like the one on Zooey Deschanel–so freaking cute.

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