psa: save a dog.

a warning: i’ll try my best to not get all preachy on you, but i can’t make promises. oh, also, this gets pretty long.

last weekend i found a sweet little border collie mix just running out into traffic, and i thought oh how sad.

so home she came with me. she got along famously with luke (i know, i know, stray dogs shouldn’t play with my dogs… i know that now*), and we took pictures and made signs. she was very sweet and well behaved and obviously belonged to someone.

we hung up the signs in the area she was found, and she stayed the night in the boyfriend’s yard. i called animal control to have her picked up the next morning because, naively, i thought she could at least stay there until her owners called. the animal control man told me she’d be adopted in a hurry.

but i called that monday to check up on her. i told them i wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be put down, and they said they couldn’t guarantee that. i told them she was healthy, well behaved and very sweet. but they told me they already have plenty of healthy, well behaved and sweet dogs, and not enough room to keep them. i asked what would be the earliest she would be euthanized. thursday, they told me.

so wednesday i went down to the shelter (most depressing place ever) to id her and file adoption papers. i was so relieved when i finally found her in the back row of the third room i checked, and she was relieved to see me, as well. it would be a week before i could come back for her, so that she could be spayed. sounded great. and, i had even found her a nice home already.

but the next day i got a call saying she couldn’t be adopted because she was diagnosed with parvo and would have to be euthanized. and she was, on saturday.

that’s really the end of the story. but the moral of this story is please, PLEASE get your pet spayed or neutered and keep them up to date on vaccinations. an animal shelter is no place for any living thing to be, especially in the last days of their lives.

the oklahoma city animal shelter is working toward being a no-kill shelter by 2010. they’re a long way from that. last year, 28,000 animals went to the shelter, and 19,000 didn’t come out. it’s an awful, awful place filled with lovely dogs that would make lovely pets.

if you’ve never been to a city animal shelter, it really is like the david duchovny pedigree commercials. only hundreds of times more painful.

the photos above are by traer scott and are from his book, ‘shelter dogs.’ (not only does he shoot wonderful photos of dogs, his editorial work is pretty outstanding, as well. you can even buy prints.)

aspca online store, $19.95

*luckily, both my luke and the boyfriend’s margo were up to date on their parvo vaccinations.

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  1. perhaps you could adopt another dog from the shelter in memory of the one you tried to save or make a donation. the thought of all the dogs at the pound that get put down is so sad. this is a problem created by humans and will only end when enough people realize the situation. thanks for your post.

  2. After adopting one dog, I couldn’t help but get another. They are both so sweet and loving. I just hope I don’t make a habit of this since I’m going to run out of room soon. :)

  3. I have adopted all my dogs and will continue to do so…

    I recommend people start ADOPTING their pets, as there are so many animals sitting in shelters waiting to betaken to a home where they will feel loved. Its so depressing this book but very informative at the same time. I read it in the bookstore. Great post!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

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