provence cutaway one-piece.


i know i went on a huge rant about my little ladies not fitting into any normal bathing suit top but i promise to lose all the weight it takes to get them into this beauty.

see the detail!

i love it so much i’m nearly on the verge of tears.

i’ve decided that, as a compromise between a one-piece and a bikini, i could go with one of these cutaway suits. i would rather my stomach not be shown, but i don’t have a single problem with my back. in fact, i love it.

so a cutaway would be perfect.

i mean, THIS cutaway would be perfect.

at least it would be a little less pressure to get my entire body swimsuit-ready.

if anyone’s feeling generous, i’d take a large. get in touch, and i’ll gladly send along my address. i’ll even pitch in for shipping. and send a sweet thank-you note.

and, if you’re just a creep, i might be desperate enough to send a provocative picture.

think about it. think, think about it.

free people, $180

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