passmule patent sandal.

speaking of louboutin …

i had originally planned to stimulate the economy by purchasing a pair of these red-soled lovelies with my rebate check. (well, not the above pair in particular. probably would have been a pair of ‘practical’ pumps.)

unfortunately, guilt and practicality got the best of me.

yay! bills!

saks, $645

p.s. i wish.

p.p.s. how are you spending your rebate check? leave a comment, please!

3 comments on “passmule patent sandal.
  1. oh. i love those. i actually pre-spent my tax rebate check on a practical pair of louboutin pumps. not kidding. they are black and delicious. So when the check comes, i’m reimbursing my credit card!

  2. jozette…
    so jealous! maybe next time. ha. next time.

    maybe i’ll reward myself for paying down debt by putting a pair on my credit card. it’s like a double bonus.

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