mac shadestick: would it do the trick?

eternally grateful for ez‘s muse for inspiring me on my most uninspiring of days.

i’ve gotten into such a makeup rut these days. not that it’s a bad thing: i can do my makeup in under 3 minutes on a good eyelash day. but my routine is boring the pants off of me. thank god summer’s approaching and that calls for a little more color.

i’d love to make the above look a regular, day-off thing without ending up looking like an eighth grader. do you think that’s possible? any products you’d recommend?

for now, i like the looks of mac shadestick, but i’d love to try something even brighter (i think?). that yellow is pretty delicious but would look awful on me.

mac cosmetics, $16

p.s. i think these shu uemura drawing pencils might be what’s used here.

One comment on “mac shadestick: would it do the trick?
  1. they have a ton of super bright eye shadow at sephora…i tried a bunch of it on and i also looked like an 8th grader, but i suspect my everyday american apparel t-shirt and jeans look doesn’t help…if you dress like a grown-up you can pull it off. -has

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