either/or convertible sofa.

so, i’ve been out of college for a handful of years now but still don’t have a sofa (i mention this a lot, yes). i live in a studio space and don’t do much there besides sleep. and i rarely watch tv (when i do, it’s from bed).

but there’s a part of me that desperately longs to curl up on the sofa with a pillow and a pug and watch a movie. i do this plenty at the boyfriend’s and it feels so right, but i’d love to have this at my own place.

i’m either in bed or sitting at the computer. not so homey.

i’ve had my eye on this sofa from urban for a bit and would really like to have it. it’s small and inexpensive, which would keep me from clinging onto it when my home is finally a grown-up space.

plus, it would serve as a place to sleep for all those weekend guests i have.

urban outfitters, $480 (on pre-order)

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  1. ha, kristin… i like the way you think. if i wasn’t so responsible (ha) i would have used my stimulus check. i would have loved to stimulate my comfort zone.

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