dress of my dreams + fabulous photog.

one. can we talk about this dress? i’m not getting married, but kind of feel like i should go ahead and get one of my own. just in case. that tulle. those colors. that dress. think of how right a pair of louboutins would look with it. so right.

two. i can’t go on and on about the dress (but oh! the dress!) without mentioning the quite lovely photography of aaron delesie. this is only a bit from hillary & joe’s wedding (& i apologize for the cropping… i just wanted to get my favorite bits in). there is plenty more eye-candy for all (try eryin and harry).

you’re in luck, west coast ladies, because that’s where you’ll find mr. delesie. but watch out, there’s a bit of colin farrell about him. rrrah.

completely stolen from muse, a pretty, new blog from creature comforts.

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