a giveaway: nippies by bristols6.

hey, girls. remember that one time in 10th grade when you were really cold and walked into coach davis’ biology, and all the boys noticed how uneven your nipples were (and you’ve been a little paranoid ever since)?

you could have used nippies then.

hey, tara and janet. remember that one time you thought you wore a functioning outfit but then your entire boob plopped out?

you could have used nippies then.

the team at bristols6 sent over a set of superstars for me to tryout, and they are so fantastic and fun!

so old hollywood glamour, so dita von teese.

i’d love to complete the look with a satin top hat, some frilly panties and a wand, and then frolic about.

BUT enough about me.

what about you – has there been a time when life would have been much easier (or less mortifying) if you had armed yourself with a pair of nippies?

shoot me an e-mail and let me know how these could have come in handy for you in the past.

i’ll randomly choose three lucky ladies (or, shall i say, six?) and they will receive a set of nippies, courtesy of bristols6.

feel free to leave your story in the comments as well, but don’t forget to e-mail me. that’s how i’ll draw the names. three of them. next monday, the 28th. enter by 5 p.m. cst.

now, get to thinking! and good luck!

bristols6, $15 (for two pair)

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  1. Actually I have a friend, who when she gets drunk can’t help but to flash her boobs. So I think that next time we hang out, I will have these handy dandy plugs to keep her nipples in check. But only one pair. And I like shiny stuff too.

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