ever since noel, aka miss couturable, introduced me to the wonderful world of vintageous a couple weeks ago, i’ve been on a very vintage mission.

the hundreds and hundreds (i swear, it’s like a thousand) of 50s formal dresses are awe-inspiring. i have never seen so much tulle and chiffon in my life, and i am loving it. (i can’t wait to get my hands on a shit-ton of tulle and go to town … brightly colored petticoats, anyone?)

but, tucked away between the layers upon layers of ruffly, saccharin-colored prom gowns are pretty little gems like these. don’t the middle two look straight out of j.crew (go, j.crew), and who can resist the ties on the other two? oh! and the button detail on the waist of the blue one? yum.


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