sunday swoon.

it’s been a while since i got completely sucked into the world of polyvore. and, given what a slow day it’s been, i thought i could kill a couple hours building fabulous outfits i can’t afford.

above, yellow&gray getaway. who wouldn’t want to take off for the weekend looking like that?

above, creatively titled ‘ohsoglam.’

and, now, i bring you… the way i really dress. on the weekend anyway. exciting, no? yeah.

the fabulous prada sandals are an exaggeration but don’t they look much better than ballet flats?

hanes white t-shirts and cheap gray jeans (not the $200 variety)… that’s what you’ll find me in.

the marc bag i’ve been carrying for about a year and still haven’t tired of it. in fact, it’s just now becoming worn in and even more wonderful.

so, yellow vespas, cavalli bangles and prada pumps are not exactly what i’ve got right now. but someday!

4 comments on “sunday swoon.
  1. Cheap gray jeans — but where? Any recommendations? I’ve been looking for some and haven’t yet found a pair I like (except for expensive ones, which ruins the point!).

  2. fleur… i picked mine up recently for $15 at old navy. they’re a super-light gray, which i was excited about, and just straight leg. i picked up a dark blue pair last week so they probably still have them hidden somewhere in their sale stuff.

    i also have a paper, denim & cloth pair i got for sale at anthro about a year ago. they’re more of a cigarette-pant style.

  3. Thanks. My search is still on. I went last night to Old Navy and there were only size 16 and on up left. Oh, yeah, and size 1 and 2. Boo hoo.
    I so often do this — wait for a trend until it’s over and then get all mad when I can’t find it anywhere. :-(
    Thanks anyway. I love that outfit, btw, the gray jeans, white tee and yellow bag, etc.

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