marc jacobs splash.

i had always been tempted by the grass and rain varieties of marc jacobs splash editions but somehow staved off the temptation. after all, i hadn’t splashed myself since the junior high days of sun-ripened raspberry (don’t judge – you know you kept a bottle in your locker).

but last year i couldn’t resist the cucumber edition… which i still have a nearly full bottle of though i used it quite liberally all summer. it comes in a massive glass bottle (mason-esque jar would be more appropriate) and i completely recommend it. so, so, so heavenly.

so now that i’ve gotten myself all excited about that one again (ah, sigh), i’ve discovered that dear mister jacobs has a new arsenal of delightful smellies: basil, pear and grapefruit. grapefruit! the. best. fragrance. ever.

sephora, $65

p.s. unfortunately is down at the moment, but i believe i saw earlier they were giving away a refillable travel-sized bottle with the purchase. i hiiighly recommend that, as well, as this these vessels are not tsa-friendly.

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