madewell 1937.

thanks to kate at for me, for you for bringing madewell 1937, a new concept store by j.crew, to my attention.

there are some looks i’d love to own, namely the buffalo plaid business above. i might even consider shelling out the $62 for it and wearing until it was threadbare (the more wear, the better).

but, as far as some of the other looks go, i think i’d rather stick with $15 tops from forever21. or the sale section at j.crew.

i still can’t afford a regular shop at j.crew, so if madewell 1937 is meant for those younger than myself, think again, folks.

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  1. i totally agree with you. i feel like the crowd jcrew tailors toward…is kind of more early twenties than mid thirties. and when you actually’re able to afford you know, 200$ flats and 300$ dresses, you should just go designer on everything and heave over to saks and bcbg.

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