a whale of a story.

ok, i’ll share a story with you because i think it’s the funniest kid story ever.

i was in preschool in austin (*key part of story) when my teacher decided to tell us a story about a little girl named jessica who fell in a whale. yes, a whale. unbelievable, i know. i mean, a WHALE? but yeah, she just fell right in. what an exciting trip, i bet!

so here we are, my little class of kids, illustrating this crazy story we’ve just heard. except all the other kids’ drawings were WAY off – their whales looked like holes. as you can tell, i was pretty artistically advanced for my age. how dumb those kids were. no one was going to look at their pictures and think ‘whoa! that girl’s in a whale.’

and, that is how i came to learn about baby jessica and the well (or whale, if you’re a crazy preschool teacher with a crazy texas accent).

and, here, is some more whale fun for the night:

silver whale hoop earrings by imogene and annie.

etsy, $48

teensy weensy itty bitty whale earrings, also by imogene and annie

if you’re looking for something a little more subdued, here’s the answer.
etsy, $25

‘whale on my pecs’ t-shirt.

i’m always a bit leery of pseudo-vintage prints, but this t-shirt looks too lusciously comfortable to let integrity keep me away.
sustainabilitee, $38

baleen whale yixing teapot.

stash tea, $28

ivan the whale coaster by plantsandanimals.

just thought this was too cute.
etsy, $6

‘the squid and the whale.’

couldn’t have a whale post without mentioning this movie written and directed by noah baumbach. laura linney’s amazing as usual and jeff daniels is pretty good, too. if you haven’t seen it, i recommend. oh, and extra creepy points for the 12-year-old brother who drinks a lot and wipes his sperm on library books.
amazon, $12.99

and, one more thing … if you’re ever in oklahoma, visit catoosa! home of … the blue whale of catoosa!

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  1. Reminds me of my southern grandmother going to France and asking for shampoo at a pharmacy. They couldn’t understand why she would ask for a chapeau there.
    And by the way, I love that movie The Squid and the Whale. And I love your blog.

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