a texas designer’s map of the world.

i was born in dc and have been in oklahoma city for 10 years (this month!), but for most of everything between that, i was in texas. despite being there only a handful of years (but formative ones!), i strongly identify with and have a strong attachment to the state in terms of growing up.

so when i came across this design by talented texan dj stout, i was delighted.

it’s so … BIG. and i love the retro aesthetic. i’d love to have my very own print to frame (hint, hint, mr. stout).

“To illustrate his theory that a Texan’s favorite pastime is bragging, Austin resident DJ Stout has created a ‘Texas Designer’s Map of the World’ as a part of a promotion for Sappi Fine Paper. Based on the concept of a Texas Brag Map, the poster elucidates the worldview that everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star State. ‘It’s part of our Texas heritage and our collective sense of humor,’ explains Stout. ‘My apologies to the other smaller, less interesting states on the map.'”

see and read more at pentagram.

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  1. Wonderful! The design is great, but I especially love how honest his quote was. It’s hilariously true, I can admit as a born-and-bred ‘Austinite’. I also second your suggestion of a print, that’s a great idea!

    “my apologies to those lesser states” — classic.

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