gorilla art.

it might have been meeting penny and koko, the sign language-speaking lowland gorilla, in elementary school library lessons. maybe it was seeing gorillas in the mist at age 5.

but gorillas have always been my very favorite animal. mostly in a sad, they’re-so-human, hatred-for-hunters kind of way (i had serious childhood ambitions to move to africa and become the next dian fossey).

the abstract art above comes from the gorilla foundation and was actually created by koko (top two) and her best friend michael, who died in 2000 at age 27 (koko’s nearly 37).

the giclee prints are in limited editions of 3,000, are signed (yes, signed) and numbered and range from $100 to $350.

i’ll add that the two named several of their pieces. koko’s ‘pink, pink, stink, nice drink’ is on the top left, and michael’s ‘stink, gorilla, more’ is on the bottom right. (stink is their word for flowers.)

the one on the top right? it’s called ‘love.’

don’t we all feel a little less artistic now?

thanks to daily candy.

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