‘i love lucy’ – the complete series

i feel so included! i’ve never been meme-ed (?) before. thank you, fleur of frangible pie!

so now i present … seven weird things about me:

ichi: i could drink olive oil all day but really hate olives.
ni: i often pretend i’m living in a zombie movie.
san: i am a huge germophobe but constantly have my fingers in my mouth.
shi: as a child, i had birthday parties for lucille ball and wrote plays inspired by ‘little house on the prairie.’
go: i am certain i’ve seen a ghost but have convinced myself i don’t believe in such things so they won’t bother me again. (it makes sense to me.)
roku: i could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything in between. (this is weird, according to the boyfriend. to me, it’s just tasty.)
shichi: i admit i’m weird as hell, but had one hell of a time thinking of seven things.

now the burden goes to… mcpm of covetable, jenny of wiksten-made, carey at carey girl, leya at curious bird, alicia at posie gets cozy, ambika of (into) the fray and betsy of fashion is spinach.

also, i’m still completely in love with lucy and could watch her for hours.

amazon, $170

One comment on “‘i love lucy’ – the complete series
  1. I love this! My favorite is ni: pretending that you’re living in a zombie movie. Zombie movies make me die laughing, that is so hilarious!
    Thanks for doing it, I owe you one. xx

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