leica mini digital camera + rolleiflex minidigi camera.

believe it or not, this lovely little thing fits in the palm of your hand. a digital and sized-down version of the classic leica m3… couldn’t be cuter.

pssst. it also qualifies for free shipping.

urban outfitters, $225

and, while we’re on the subject…

i don’t know what this, how it works or why i need it, but i most definitely do want it badly. so so pretty!

amazon.com, from $350

2 comments on “leica mini digital camera + rolleiflex minidigi camera.
  1. It is just a film Camera which uses large films. One lens captures the image and produces an image on a top screen, using mirrors, and the second lens captures photos to the film. As for the hand operated Crank it is for winding the reel

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