christian louboutin iowa mary-janes.

i have very few goals in life, aside from the norm:

… become super-successful and super-thin by 10-year high school reunion (which i won’t attend, but it’s the principle of the matter)
… travel anywhere and everywhere on a whim (this is really part of the first bit)
… stop biting my nails (also pretty much included in the first bit)

outside of those few things, which are very far in the future (ok, really only four years away), there are some more immediate goals. those include:

… buying a fabulous pair of shoes. i’ve yet to slip on my first pair of jimmy choos or manolos, but i think i’ve chosen to save myself for louboutin (see above)
… finding a hair cut i am actually not completely ambivalent about
… getting published somewhere, even if i just blab about bags or office supplies

net-a-porter, $595

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