how fascinating!

i know i haven’t quite finished (or started) my skirts/ties/headbands projects yet, but i think it’s time i got a move on putting together some ‘fascinator’ hats or hairpieces.

these by rebecca share | milliner are the prettiest i have found. the top right reminds me of a tasty chocolate shaving. my favorite is top left. and wouldn’t bottom left be a beautiful wedding hairpiece!

so, my creations wouldn’t be nearly as gorgeous, but i think they could easily rival what i’m finding on ebay and etsy.

among the ones that have caught my eye, though: this black one; this very interesting turquoise one; this daintier black one; this mini top hat; mini top hat #2; a gold one, of course; and this poofy lilac one.

also, these little gems are getting filed away in my mental wedding file (which, don’t worry, will be pulled at a way later time).

but, back to the hats… imagine how fascinating i would be! at the grocery store! at work! at the park with nigel! at dinner! at the bookstore!

i’m the next philip treacy, i’m telling you. i’ll be the talk of the town. hats are back, baby.

3 comments on “how fascinating!
  1. Ooh la love. Super super cute. I’m more a sucker for cloches and Castle hairbands.

    I want to email you and invite you to a private beta for a shopcast – how do I email you? Hit me at admin (at)

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