you best customize.

i forget how i stumbled upon this today… i remember browsing my regular blogs while at work because, in my mind, browsing blogs while work is better than blogging while at work (though i sometimes slip and catch myself blogging away in tiny little windows in the corner of my monitor. shhh.).

so… anyway, i can’t remember how i found this site. if i could, i would give some credit because i have thoroughly enjoyed the site for most of the day (it took forever to go through all the prints!)

you can pick from several different bag options, then you customize it to your liking. as you can see, i had no problems picking out a few patterns i couldn’t resist. you can also choose from some ready-to-buy bags.

thank you, jenkin, for your photoshopping finesse (and patience).

[addendum: thanks to kate, as well, for reminding me that i did indeed find out about freddy&ma via outblush. if you haven’t heard about it yet, check it out. also, for the boys: uncrate. enjoy!]

hazel purse by freddy&ma
freddy&ma, $165

4 comments on “you best customize.
  1. for you to give credit- i remember these bags being featured on could that be where you ran into them?
    thanks for the lovely site!

  2. thanks so much for writing about Freddy&Ma. We are so impressed that you took the time to go through all the patterns (which i can attest can kill an afternoon at the office) we would like to give you a 20% coupon. just use the code GREEDYGIRL when you checkout.

    enjoy | anthony


  3. anthony: thank you so much for the great offer! now i just have to narrow down my choices. this will be the hard part!

    thanks again, and i’m loving what freddy&ma has to offer.

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