hed goes here.

a girl can only do so much headline writing before it loses its sparkle. but, this crazy-looking game just might spice it up a bit. i think words are funny, so this definitely strikes my lame, copy editor fancy.

sidenote: earlier, i couldn’t stop laughing because my fortune from my cookie read: ‘striving for the best will bring you loser to the best.’ COME ON. that’s funny. what kind of fortune has loser written in it? that can’t be very fortunate. but i laughed forever.

man bites dog card game
uncommon goods, $10

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  1. Oops I see now that I just sent you an email instead of a blog comment. This is actually my first blog site–I’m a blog virgin.

    Aw, jeez now it’s making me fill out a form…ooh an anonymous option…I pick that. Now I can be your mystery commenter, although I’m sure you have me figured out by now.

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