bolsa bonanza.

everyone knows i’m a fan of the mexican shopping bag. so tonight i bring you… drum roll please… this great site for many a great bolsa.

on a bitter note, let me remind you the mermaid bag once belonged to me but no longer does (and, no, holly… it wasn’t you.). oh, what a great bag it was.

for the past couple years, one of my favorite things to bring out in the summer has been a pink mesh shopping bag (like this) featuring frida kahlo’s wounded deer. i love it so much, and the mesh is beginning to come apart in a dangerous way (it somehow sliced my finger open last year!), but i refuse to give it up. it even earns me horrified looks from children. that, my friends, is what i call a bag success.

at less than $10 apiece, you can’t afford to not stock up on a variety of these wonderfully tacky totes.

mexican shopping bags
tesoros, $6-9

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