a dress of a dilemma.

i recently picked this up at target and fell in love with it (on the rack). i tried it on and tried to convince myself it looked great on, despite the boyfriend’s unconvincing nods of ‘approval.’

i like to think it looks better on me than it does on this model (it looks kind of retro factory worker on her…lucy and the chocolate factory, anyone?). it’s much more boxy on her, while it’s much more fitted on me (thank you, unwanted curves accentuated by unwanted weight).

i just don’t know what to do! if you saw it in the stores, you’d love it, too. then you’d run your fingers over it and love it even more (super-lightweight and soft to boot).

i’m considering just biting it and wearing it to work tomorrow so i can get a good idea of what it looks like since i’ll have access to huge mirrors. i had been using the reflection of a giant framed print on the wall at home, but it’s been taken down for the move, leaving me with just a medicine cabinet mirror that can’t even begin to capture my entire body.

please feel free to comment and voice your opinions. i tried to pair a suede olive-y green wide belt with it (matches the tiniest stripe in the pattern) but it won’t work. suggestions…please…

isaac mizrahi shirt dress
target, $34.99

3 comments on “a dress of a dilemma.
  1. I think it’s cute and original, but I can’t really commit because I’m picturing it on my body, which is ruining it for me entirely. What shoes? –has

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