big, long explanation of the realization i need new furniture.

so i sit down at my kitchen table with my bowl of rice krispies (late-night dinner of champions) and ibook at hand. i pour bowl after bowl of cereal, like an insatiable drunk at last call, until my milk is gone. i’m still hungry but too lazy to walk four feet to my refrigerator to replenish supplies. but when the hunger can wait no longer, i try to get up. and i can’t. without leaving the skin off my ass behind. damn vinyl-topped barstools.

so this is the point when i realize i really need a new kitchen table and chairs. my current arrangement is a set left at my house by a friend who didn’t have room for it anymore. i’m out of college, though, so shouldn’t i have real furniture of my own now? i think so. which is why i like these chairs. they are cheap. and, best of all, chances are i wouldn’t stick to them. but they would leave those funny little lines like old-school lawn chairs used to. i can handle that, though. that’s just the price of cool.

MELKER chair
IKEA, $29.99

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