funny little bags that don’t make sense.

for such an odd little site, they do have some enchanting things. …like, say, this funny little bag. it (supposedly) reads (translated from french): “good morning. did you sleep well?”

other totes of note:
Dog Side Zip Tote (“where are you going? don’t get lost!”)
Duck Side Zip Tote (“let me kiss you! sweatie!” …no, really, the site says sweatie.)
Goat Side Zip Tote (“i’m home. i’m going.”)
Marine Duck Tote (“tout le monde est la?” …ok, after doing research on this one via a quick google translation, i find that this says “is everyone?” which obviously makes no sense, so ignore the site-provided translations above.)

while the actual tote names may be a bit lacking in originality, you’ve got to hand it to them for the ubercreative and completely unsensible taglines featured on each one.

Hedgehog Side Zip Tote
Juice Planning, $24

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