first, an introduction.

not so much an introduction as it is a disclaimer. from this point on, i am a greedy whore dot blogspot dot com will be the outlet for my materialistic desires. if only i could get my finances under control, i might be able to buy some for myself. i want things, and i can’t help it. it’s a new year. so it’s ok.

it will be like my own lucky magazine. eat that, kim france.

no, i’m kidding, give me a job.

p.s. if you see something that particularly strikes your fancy and you’re looking to purchase, let me know and i’ll send a shipping address.

One comment on “first, an introduction.
  1. I love your blog. It’s so amusing! I could never be sane enough to do that though cause I’d just drive myself mad with never having. But a good idea non the less.

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