editor’s note.

it has been five long days since iamagreedywhore.blogspot.com proclaimed its greedy (and whorish) presence to the world wide web. but, alas, it turns out some weren’t receptive to that little gem of a title.

so it is with great sadness and regret that i present to you the pg13 version of iamagreedywhore.blogspot.com…

meet its bastard little sister, iamagreedygirl.

despite the unfortunate and watered-down title, iamagreedygirl will continue to deliver thorough, hard-hitting and late-breaking coverage on the world of things i want.

your dutiful editor

One comment on “editor’s note.
  1. when i “meet” a new “friend” in this imaginary world of blog land, i always go back to her first few entries. have to say what i learned from this entry endears me even more… =)

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